Limited Company

Limited Companies have a statutory obligation to file accounts and associated tax returns at Companies House and with HMRC within a strict set of deadlines. If your company does not complete their accounts on time they may well be liable for a late filing penalty.

Bookkeeping consists of managing your accounts, including income & expenses and corporation tax.

Payroll can be processing wages, weekly, four weekly or monthly in conjunction with HMRC’s RTI directive.

VAT calculation needs to be completed on a regular basis along with accurate record keeping.

CIS is a tax where monies are deducted from sub contractors and companies payments and sent to HMRC.

Corporation tax is paid by all incorporated companies on any profits the company makes.

How we can help

At Optimal Accountancy we will complete your accounts working closely with clients to ensure they are accurate and the correct amount of tax is paid this is known as Corporation Tax.

Each year a confirmation statement is due, which can be filed via ourselves if required.

Onsite visits to discuss business requirements and future planning are also available to existing and new clients.

Limited Company meeting

Optimal Accountancy can assist in the formation of your incorporated business and can also offer a registered office address if required.

At Optimal Accountancy we have a proven track record of helping business grow from incorporation to thriving entity please feel free to call us and see how we can add value to your business.

Real benefits through full circle accountancy support

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