We prioritise all clients and aim to manage them in their accounting and tax affairs by providing regular updates on profitability, tax liabilities and changes in legislation. Constant contact or client visits facilitate this.


Bookkeeping is vital to any business entity. It is the means of recording a business or individuals daily business transactions. Making sure all transactions are up to date, accurate and detailed achieves this. At Optimal Accountancy we assist clients in making sure that the information they have is  accurate, up to date and comprehensive in order to meet statutory requirements.

At Optimal Accountancy, we specialise in small to medium sized business entities and have assisted many businesses over the years. Whether it be on site with a client or at our offices, we are more than happy to assist in whatever way is convenient for our clients.

Income & Expenses

These are the lifeblood of any business. Income can come in different forms such as trading with customers and grants to name a couple of sources. At Optimal Accountancy we assist our clients in the accounting and taxation treatment. This ensures in all aspects of tax they become more profitable as well as being tax compliant.

Expenses are costs which the business or entity has spent during the course of trading. It is particularly important to know what expenses are allowable and what are not as well as any allowances for spending that may be appropriate. We strive to provide our clients with up to date detail, making sure that profitability and taxation are maximised and compliance maintained.

Corporation Tax

Corporation tax is paid by all incorporated companies on any profits the company makes. This return and any liabilities due need to be submitted and paid twelve month after the year end of the corporation tax return and nine months after the year end for payment of liability.

Changes in the budget in April 2021 mean that the rate of corporation tax is changing. At Optimal Accountancy, we are always ready to assist and help plan the most tax efficient way of trading. As well as being on hand to discuss these legislative changes with existing and new clients.

Full circle accountancy support for your needs

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